1628 divo


1628 divo


1628 divo is a luxurious long distance inter-city travel bus. Sleek design and luxurious interiors give the Divo an upmarket feel. Braking performance is said to be good. Tata Divo not only stands for world class design, assured reliability and superior performance, but also spells high on safety.It is designed for the long distance travelling.


Engine Isbe 285 HP BS III Cummins electronic engine capacity 6.7 litres
Max. Engine Output & Torque 285 HP at 2500 rpm | 970 Nm @ 1600 rpm
Engine Capacity 6.7 litres electronic
Transmission ZF 6S 1000 OD
Retarder Voith VR 120-4
Front Axle Independent ZF axle
Rear Axle Tata RA109 RR
Suspension Full-air suspension
Service Brake ABS with front disc and rear drum
Parking Brake Type Spring actuated, hand operated acting on rear wheels only
Fuel Tank Capacity 400 litres
Wheel & Tyres 295 / 80 R 22.5
Clutch 430 mm dia
Wheel Base 6097 mm
FOH 2550 mm
ROH 3350 mm
GVW 16200 kgs
Max. Speed 114 km/hr
Specifications - Body
Bus LPO 1628 BS III
Platform LPO 1628 BS III
Body Dimension 2.55 x 3.7 x 12 m
Internal Height 2000 mm
Flooring Vinyl with marine plywood
Front Windshield Laminated - 8 mm thick
Passenger Door In-swing
Passenger Seats 45 / 41 / 39 / 37 seating configuration - customised
Air Conditioning Carrier 353 Gen IV
Special features as per customer requirement
Reversing Camera Optional
Destination Board Optional
Entertainment System & PA System Optional
Demisting Optional