TATA Intra V30 Overview

The Tata Intra V30 is a new range of compact trucks built on the ‘Premium Tough’ philosophy that combines great aesthetics with robustness.

TATA Intra is a range of compact trucks built on TML’s new ‘Premium Tough‘ design philosophy for commercial vehicles that combines rising levels of visual richness and sophistication with robustness and reliability. Intra V30 is for those customers who ply their vehicles in high load & long lead applications.

Intra V30 has a new BSVI compliant DI engine that generates 52 kW (70 HP) of power & 140 Nm of torque with a best in class gradeability of 37%. The vehicle comes with an Eco Switch as well as a Gear Shift Advisor (GSA) which ensure that the customers get best in class fuel efficiency.

Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) not only lessens the steering effort but also makes maneuvering the vehicle that much more easier. A TCR of 5.25 m and compact footprint make it easily deployable on even congested city roads.

The chassis frame has been manufactured using hydro forming process & state of the art robotic facilities delivering high standard of quality and sturdiness. Lesser welding joints on the chassis mean higher structural strength & more durability ensuring that the vehicle can be deployed in long lead as well as heavy load applications.

V30 with its large loading area of 2690 mm x 1607 mm (8.8 ft x 5.3 ft), rated payload of 1300 kg & strong leaf spring suspension ensures more revenue generation possibilities & hence more profits for its owners

TATA Intra V30 Features

The Tata Intra V30 comes with world-class features that deliver a power-packed performance and ensure a smooth driving experience.


Intra V30 has a loading area of 2690 mm x 1607 mm (8.8 x 5.3 feet). This large & wide loading area facilitates owners to load more cargo, earn extra revenue & thereby enhance their profits. It also has bigger 185 R14 tyres (14” radial tyres) for high load carrying capability in varied terrains (kutcha & pukka roads).


Intra V30 has a bigger, newer and more rugged 1496 cm3 (cc) engine for high performance. This engine generates power of 52 kW @ 4 000 r / min (70 HP) & torque of 140 Nm @ 1 800-3 000 r/ min. Intra V30 accelerates from 0-60 kmph in 13.86 seconds ensuring faster turnaround time leading to more trips & thereby more profits. The chassis frame has been manufactured using hydroforming process. Lesser welding joints on the chassis mean higher structural strength, more durability and lower NVH levels.


Intra V30 has leaf spring suspension (5 leaves in front, 8 leaves in rear). Strong leaf spring suspension enhances the load carrying ability of the vehicle. Ground clearance of 175 mm increases its capability to be deployed even in poor road conditions. Best-in-class gradebility of 37% helps in negotiating steep ghat roads and flyovers with ease even in loaded condition. Big 215 mm diameter hydraulic actuated clutch ensures softer pedal effort (less fatigue) & automatic adjustment of pedal height


Intra V30 has a new gen, bigger and wider walk through cabin with D+1 seating arrangement. Dashboard mounted gear lever & comfortable seats not only ensure a relaxed driving experience but also offer a good resting experience. Electric Power Assisted Steering eases the effort taken to maneuver the vehicle while driving through traffic conditions. A smaller turning circle radius of 5.25 m further enhances the maneuverability while taking sharp turns or parking the vehicle in tight spots. All controls, pedals and levers are placed within the easy reach of the driver ensuring that driving the vehicle either in city traffic or over long distances is equally pleasurable.


Intra V30 has both the gear shift advisor (GSA) as well as Eco Switch. The GSA indicates on the instrument cluster the optimum point for shifting gears (using arrows). The vehicle has two driving modes: ECO and NORMAL. Driver can switch to ECO mode via a button on the dashboard for deriving better fuel economy. NORMAL mode can be used for steep gradients, loaded conditions, frequent braking/city traffic, etc. Use of these features will assist the customers in deriving best in class fuel efficiency. Low maintenance cost on account of longevity of aggregate life ensures higher savings for its owner.


Intra V30 because of its rugged & reliable aggregates is capable of high load carrying capability. With its powerful engine as well as a big & comfortable walk through cabin, customers can go on long lead applications ensuring high revenues & thereby higher profits.


Standard warranty of 2 years or 72,000 kms , the 24-hour toll free helpline no (1800 209 7979) for any emergency assistance, and offerings like TATA Samarth & Sampoorna Seva package ensure complete peace of mind.

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